We all need privacy and can do anything legal within our power to ensure full privacy, but what happens when you want your internet activities to be private and you decide using a VPN well then here are the Advantages of VPN.

This is TECH-CHA detailed and brief guide for anyone including newbies. So let’s get started

Earlier on we discussed about What’s a VPN and basic must have features of any strong VPN, but It’s really hard to pick a VPN service therefore before you choose any you should know the amazing Advantages of VPN.


This article will be about Advantages of VPN, as well as some disadvantages. Also from the title you must have noticed this “Unique Yes & Nah” thing, well is basically about the yes and no about any VPN, as people usually gets confused and all mixed up whenever they hear about VPN, so the main aim is to clarify some of those confusions in details.

Well welcome again to TECH-CHA just know that this guide is going to be all you need, so let’s get started.

Now what’s a brief definition of a VPN?

A VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. As the name virtual private network implies, it adds an extra layer of very high security when browsing the web using a public network or your home network (as the case might be), security I mean includes privacy, protection and anonymity.

I have already discussed about What’s a VPN in more details, so now we talk about the awesome advantages of a strong and reliable VPN service.

Starting with Advantages

Advantages of VPN

  • Anonymity: A good VPN should keep you safe and hidden when browsing the web. This ability is very necessary especially for those in serious private Jobs or research team as the VPN will mask your real IP address and return a server IP for prying eyes.
  • No Restrictions: VPN makes you unrestricted on the web, meaning you can search for any content or video that currently blocked in your country.
  • Bypass Censorship: This is also a feature for those living in countries with high web censorship, with a VPN you become free and unrestricted to explore the web.
  • Bypass YouTube: Did you know that YouTube is one of the most heavily restricted website in the world? YouTube do restrict a video from a country or even a certain area, but a strong VPN like Nord VPN has taken care of YouTube under their palms so now you never get restricted again, allowing you to stream YouTube without limit and bandwidth throttling.
  • Bypass Playstore: As much as YouTube videos gets restricted in some particular country, the Google Playstore also block user’s from downloading apps not made available in your country. But personally you can use a VPN and bypass the dreadful message.
  • Bypass Playstore

An example of “App Not Available In Your Country

  • Deceive Your ISP: Did you know that some networks providers will limit how you browse whenever you pass your monthly throttling. But now you have no issues as your active VPN will handle everything. Also it makes you seen in another country from your ISP (Internet Service Provider) side, which is cool, so if you live in the USA using a VPN with Australia server your ISP will see you in Australia nice 🙂
  • Access Torrents Site: Torrents sites are censored in most countries because of the exposure to pirated contents, but if you happened to live or visit any of those countries then using a VPN like CyberGhost,Express VPN or Nord VPN will be an easy access.

Well that are some basic and really necessary Advantages of any Good VPN

But as we all know anything with an Advantage also has a disadvantage so what’s the cons

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Disadvantage Of VPN

The disadvantage of VPN compared to it’s advantages are really small and it’s something you shouldn’t take too serious with.

So here are some disadvantage.

  • Reduced Network Speed: Just imagine how a VPN works? By encrypting your data with an extra layer of security, well in the process of encrypting sent request and decrypting coming requests your networks seems to be a little slower that’s why using optimized services like my favorite Nord VPNthe little slowness or lags becomes barely noticeable.
  • Some Sites Blocks The Use Of VPN: Some of the geo-restricted website has implemented serious laws and mechanisms to tackle the use of VPN and other unblocking software, once you are detected to be using a VPN you won’t be able to access the site but no worries as there’s always a problem to any solution a guide form vpnmentor explains how to go about this, read here
  • IP Blacklisting: Using a VPN doesn’t mean only you is currently using that server, with billions of people currently in this world you never know who and who has connected or currently using the server you connected to. In simple words the IP address is shared among people using the same VPN service. However this can make a user (IP address) get backlisted to a particular services if disobeying any terms or policy. Additionally it makes IP spoofing easier.

Like I said the disadvantages of any VPN service is something that’s not really serious. But comment below which disadvantages got you sad.

Now moving to the Yes & Nah, which is simply VPN Yes & No.

Starting with Nah (No)

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The Nah Of Any VPN

Here comes the questions that always confuse you all.

  • Are VPN Illegal: No VPN are not illegal, infact they are completely legal to use as the softwares don’t break any law neither does the service itself. But using a VPN can get you in serious trouble depending on what you do with the VPN.
    For example counties like China, Iran, Russia and more makes the usage of VPN available but that’s not all. These countries ensures you use VPN authorized by the government.

    Using common sense, those government authorized VPN services will probably comply with most if not all the countries laws such as censorship and geo-restrictions. This is equivalent to using your normal internet because the service is missing most of the key features of any VPN.

    You must be very careful when using a VPN in any of those countries to stay away from trouble and fines. Do more research on laws against VPN in your visiting country or present country as the case may be.

  • VPN Are For Bad People: Some people talk about VPN saying all sought of things some say VPN are for bad people (Criminals, Scammer’s et cetera). Well like said earlier on it solely depends what you use it for, and since to use VPN is not Illegal therefore VPN are not for bad people.
  • As a Child/Minor Is Using a VPN Legal: This solely depends on your countries laws, but to my own opinion it shouldn’t be a problem except your country has laws against Minors accessing the internet in general, then the whole concept without even using the VPN becomes illegal.

Now that’s all about the Nah, let’s talk about the Yes.

The Yes Of Any VPN

What are the Yes of VPN?

  • VPN secure user’s from attacks like DDoS and Man in the Middle Attack (MITM), this is true because of the extra layer you get from the VPN.
  • VPN improve your internet speed, this might create some sought of confusion, but here’s the catch when your mobile network throttle your connection maybe because of high streams or downloads if you get into this all the time then a VPN would help you by encrypting your data which makes it hard for your ISP to detects it’s you.
  • Change Of Country: VPN makes anyone connected to one of it’s server abroad. Abroad I mean the user(You connected to the VPN) seems to have moved, travelled or visited another country.

Really there’s a lot to do with a VPN than, make sure you are safe always, use a VPN especially when connected to public networks like your regular Cafe shop.

Advantages Of VPN: Pokemon Go Available Using Nord VPN

Pokemon Go Now Available after connecting to a server in United Kingdom. Nord VPN

But seriously don’t think the need of a VPN is useless to you.

If your a work person and you upload important files over any networks that come your way or even your home network just know that someone might be tapping into your privacy. So prevent it now by choosing a right VPN.

So I recommend you try Nord VPN

Here’s a little detail about Nord

Nord VPN

Nord (Brand Name) is a VPN service provider that offers “next level security by adding functional, incorporating additional web security“.

They provide several key features, some highlights would be:

  • 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • Unlimited bandwidth.
  • 24/7 customer support.
  • Over 5219 servers in 60 countries, these servers get updated weekly.
  • No data logging & Strict No-log policy (Located in Panama, which has no mandatory data retention laws.)
  • Affordable prices to choose from
    Nord VPN Pricings

    Quite Affordable 🙂

  • Automatic kill switch in case of any connection interruption.
  • About encryption. It offers double data encryption for increased anonymity.
  • And much more. For more insight i will write a full review, subscribe and get notified for new updates.

Nord VPN is really good infact they support various devices such as IOS, Android, Linux,Mac, Windows, Android Tv and browsers extensions.

3 year deal @ $2.99/ month that’s a total of $107.64 you get all nice features for 3 good years just one payment, it’s fair isn’t it?

Nord VPN 2yrs Pricing

2 year deal @$3.99/ month a total of $95.76

Fact: Whichever you decide paying for, they all have the same features and no miss outs.

I personally recommend anyone to use this VPN as the interface is easy for anyone including a beginner to setup and use.

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