Change IMEI number is not a new thing, many still finds this difficult. However if you find this hard then follow this simple guide.


  1. Root read about it here.
  2. Chamelophon. Download here
  3. A valid IMEI number.

How it’s done to Change IMEI

  1. First you need a rooted phone to perform this click here to learn how to to root your phone.
  2. Open Chamelophon.
  3. Get your desired IMEI you likely wish to change to
  4. Note: All valid IMEI are 15 digits.

  5. When Chamelophon opens paste the IMEI number on the sim you wish to use.
  6. Click on Apply New IMEI.
  7. Reboot your phone.

To know if your IMEI changed after reboot simply Dial *#06# and you will see your IMEI.

So you can know manipulate your IMEI it’s as simple as that.

If you found this interesting and working you could share this, it might help a lot of people who’s currently looking for something similar.

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