Have you tried getting any PSP game to play using PPSSPP emulator but don’t know how

You frequently see friends play PSP games that’s not exciting on the other hand you decide to get yours, then this is surly for you.

I will also cover most of the FAQ’s about PPSSPP.

Moreover you can equally ask more question as well.


Take time and look into the most common questions.

  • How to download PPSSPP games
  • I can’t open it, Its sort of a zip/rar file
  • Which software should i use to extract the file .
  • After extracting how will i play the game.
  • Is root needed to play PSP games.
  • Do PPSSPP work on other platforms apart from Android.

Read carefully.


  • ZArchiver, Get from here
  • Fast Internet connection.
  • PPSSPP, here.
  • Your Android phone.
  • Free storage up to 2GB up.


First we talk about FAQ 1, which is where to download PPSSPP games.

How to download PPSSPP games.

  • Fire up your browser and perform a Google search for Cdromance. Click on the first result displayed, however go directly by clicking here.

Cdromance PPSSPP search Google

  • Once site opens you should see “Index, Genres, Language” all will have a drop-down menu.

Cdromance PPSSPP Home Page

Index: Search for game by first letter A-Z or number 0-9.

Index drop down of Cdromance PSP Game ISO site

Choose from 0-9 A-Z

Genres:Choose game category such as action, basketball, arcade and more.

Genres drop-down PPSSPP

Different categories to choose from

Language: Filter game language such as English.
Now after everything hit the “Apply Filter” button to process it.

Language drop-down For Game ISO

Change language to suit you

Wait for it to show the filtered result.

In this case i filtered ‘E’ in Genres and English my languages, and choose Eragon (USA). In the hope that it’s interesting due to the movie

Eragon PPSSPP Game

Time to process download.

  • Click on game.
  • When it opens go down to view game description and gameplay screenshot.

Game Info PSP Eragon

Screenshot ERAGON PSP Gameplay

  • For Eragon download size is 146.43mb
  • Under download size, there’s a button with a text “Show Download Link”; Click on it.

Eragon PPSSPP ISO Download

  • After you must have clicked the download button you will need to “Solve Captcha, to see links and eventually Password”


  • Finish up with the Captcha and wait for it to prepare mirror links.
  • Once you verified the captcha the download link will become visible and also password will be showed if the file has one.

Game download link PPSSPP ISO

  • However i was given choice to choose between Mega or GDrive download link, for easy and quick download use GDrive link
  • Finally If browser ask for location to save the file just go ahead and choose your preferred location.
  • Then after that wait until download is finished.

Extracting the downloaded file.

After downloading the file check to be sure if its a Zip/Rar file. Frequently in Rar format also in order to play the game you must extract it before reaching the ISO file.
Extracting the file.

  • Open ZArchiver if you don’t have it installed download it from here.
  • Locate our newly downloaded file.
  • Click on the file and should be prompted by ZArchiver.
    Select the option that says, Extract to /<Archive name>/ so that the rar/zip file after extraction will create a folder with the same name as the rar file.
  • After that, open the extracted file and you will see some new file if there are any zip file then you must extract it in the folder.
  • But if there are not, you probably going to see a file with .iso extension.
  • Equally important keep all ISO in folders.

After all this step you should get your PPSSPP, the extracted game file and above all your baby {Men!! your Android Device} get all ready.

Playing Game.

After getting the PPSSPP app and your extracted game file, now is left for you to get rocking.

Check this: Watch live football match from your phone for free

Start The Game Rocking.

  • So now open the PPSSPP app.
  • Browse the app and look for the location of the folder where the extracted game is.
  • Once you get to the location you should see the game picture, click on it to launch the game.

That’s all on how to download and play PPSSPP games.

Thanks for reading do have a nice game play.

FAQ’s Answers.

  • Root is not needed to use PPSSPP.
  • PPSSPP is available on Android, IOS, Windows, macOS, BlackBerry and more

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