One of the most popular questions is ” Root Your Android “. Rooting of Android is more similar to the jail breaking of IOS devices such as IPad etc. Once the android is rooted you’re given some kind of super authority which you as the user never had.
When the device get rooted it given a binary called su binary which is more like Administrator on windows and so other where you deny or grant services..

Requirement to Root Your Android.

  • Android device
  • Internet connection
  • Battery life of about 50%
  • King root apk
  • Patient’s.

Action time.

So let start now.

  1. After downloading King root. Open and install it.
  2. Turn on your mobile network or connect to your wireless network.
  3. Once king root opens its verify if phone is rooted if no you will see something like one click root or whatever.
  4. After that you will see a big circle whirling with counting numbers.
  5. Wait for it to finish an congratulations your phone has been rooted.
  6. Also check to see king user more of the su binary I said in the intro.

So Hola your phone is now rooted.

Thanks for reading remember to share to friends who also want to root their phones. Bye

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