Developer options contains prominent enhancement to Android, USB debugging is the most well- known developer feature which is found in developer options.

Android is really easy to use and also open source which means users are allowed to study, change and modify the software or anything else because it’s design is accessible to the public.

Android has lots of features which allows anyone or developers to modify the entire system.

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But there are hidden from the normal user so if you choose to go deeper and become an Android power user then enable developer options, USB Debugging and more.

What Exactly Is USB Debugging.

USB Debugging makes communication possible from an Android device with any computer running the Android SDK.

Android Software Developer Kit (SDK) have to be installed which will enable developers when creating apps for a certain platform, with this developers has all necessary tools needed to build amazing apps.

Additionally Android Studio is installed alongside SDK, which is a developer environment for Android apps. Tools like visual layout editor which enable developers to preview layout on any screen and also provide debugger for fixing issues and lots of features.

If you choose to have more knowledge in Android Studio check this, or for beginners interested in making apps then read this beginners article from Android Authority.

Enabling USB Debugging will allow your phone communicate with PC, and will be needed when rooting phone or sharing phone VPN connection to PC

How To Easily Enable USB Debugging On Android.

Developers option is usually hidden, but here’s how you can easily unlock this feature.

  • Go to phone settings.
  • Scroll down to about phone.
  • Select and scroll down till you see a Build Number entry below.
  • Tap on it 4-5 times and wait for a notification that says “you are now a developer”.
  • Go back to settings and head down, above About phone you should see Developers options, tap on it to open.
  • Gently scroll down and look for USB debugging/ Android Debugging
  • When seen hit or slide the slider to enable.
  • Confirm Android warning that you are aware of what the feature is for.
  • If you followed all steps correctly then you have done everything easy and quick.

Now USB debugging is turned on all you need to do is plug phone to PC using USB, you should see a notification on your phone asking if you want to authorize with that specific computer, if you trust the system then accept it.

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Enable Debugging Android 9 or Later.

To enable USB debugging for Android 9 user’s follow this:

  • Scroll down to System and open it.
  • Open the Developer options.
  • Look for USB debugging while scrolling and slide the slider to enable.
  • USB debugging is enabled successfully.

Remember authorization for USB debugging is a security feature designed to enable your phone stay safe from attackers so you must trust the system before any authorization.

However if you mistakenly or wrongly authorize a prompt for a device, all you need to do is select Revoke USB Debugging authorizations and it should reset all trusted computers.

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