If you don’t know how to copy YouTube video url then am going to explain how to get that right step by step.

How to copy YouTube videos URL.

Follow this steps if you don’t know how to copy video url from YouTube.

Copy Video URL From YouTube mobile App.

  • Open the YouTube official Android app.
  • Browse for the video you want to download.
  • By the right side of the video you will see a vertical dotted line click on it
  • Then more options will come up then select share.
  • When the share dialogue comes out look for copy link and select.
  • Doing all the step correctly, then you have just successfully copied a YouTube video URL on your mobile device.

For users who wants to know how to copy YouTube URL on Desktop here’s how to do it.

Do You Want To Root Your Phone & Become a Power User.

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Copy YouTube video URL from Desktop.

  • First go to Youtube.
  • Then you should start to see different videos, you might just want to stream till you find your preferred choice.
  • Next step is to pause the video.
  • Then after the pause look at were the video description is written in, then look for a curved bent arrow which means share and click on it.
  • Then you will see the URL just copy it and that’s all.

Little About NCS.

NCS stands for NoCopyrightSounds it’s a Record Label dedicated to giving a platform for Artist in Electronic Music, representing genres from House to Dubstep via Trap, Drum & Bass and more.

NCS music are free for independent creators on YouTube & Twitch but you must give credit to the Artist , track and NCS. Also link back to original NCS upload.

I think you should check NCS out.

NOTE: The about NCS is same with original but briefly edited.

Another Way To Copy Link’s on Desktop.

If you are on a website and the website has a video in it and maybe you want to download the video but you can’t find the video url through share then here is how you could get it.

  • Just copy the link of the website.
  • And the copied link can be used to download the Embedded Video

And that’s all.

So that’s all for now please make sure you comment if you find any difficulties and i promise to get back to you as quick as i can.

How To Download YouTube Videos

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