There’s always one time when you hear about a trending app but when you headed to Google Playstore you received a warm heartbreak 💔 “This Item isn’t available in your country….gosh” really bad but all hopes not gone because I will show you how you can install Android apps not available in your country or region.

Talking about “Apps or Games” is it really essential?

Well a simple answer will be Yes. And trust me Apps or Games are really essential, take a good look at your phone home screen what do you see? Icons with text arranged nicely and a nice UI (User Interface) that’s what you see right?

TECH-CHA always got your back one love for the newbies and pro’s, so let’s get started

Now do you know that the nice UI seen with your eyes which makes your phone unique to you are all features of an App.

And that’s when this apps you see a lot called launchers comes into play.

Summary About Android App Launcher

Basically a launcher is an Android app that’s installed on your phone solely programmed to give it’s user a smooth user experience. The launchers are responsible of how your home screen looks like, how various things are arranged in columns and rows, some added gestures and lots more.

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Without a launcher your home screen will be black for some phones. Different manufacturers of phone like Samsung has their own made UI so as other phone companies.

But what happens when your default phone launcher bores you out to the point you feel a little frustrated about it and also wish to change it to a new launcher you heard of, before you see the warm heart break “This item isn’t available in your country” What will you do… Give up?

Well giving up are for losers and am sure you don’t want to be a retard. So what do you do? Another question 🙂

Simple you search, and click on TECH-CHA on Google 🤪 hahaha…. Alright that’s enough, you search/comment or use the contact to reach us here on TECH-CHA if your confused and need help, but for now you don’t have to because here’s the untold solution and fix.

Install Android Apps Not Available In Your Country

Enough of the illustration now let’s get practical.

First Note This: You will need an active VPN in other to follow up with this process.

The things you will need are:

Procedures To Get Apps Not Available In Your Country

Step 1:
First of all, fire up your VPN and connect to a location let’s say Germany.

Screenshot of Nord VPN Connected to Germany server

Connected To Germany Using Nord VPN

After that minimize the VPN.

Step 2:

  • Go to phone settings.
  • Scroll down gently looking for “Storage” and open it.
  • Then gently scrolling down, look for Google Play Store and open it.
  • After open select storage and clear storage which is also called app data, click ok on the prompt to clear app data. (Nothing will happen, will just kinda reset Playstore)
  • Also clear cache as well
  • Now you can close settings.

Step 3:

With VPN still connected

  • Open Google Playstore
  • Search for the game, app or anything that wasn’t available before in your real location.
  • Once seen go ahead and install it.
  • Note: If your asked to put in your credit, just select skip and in no time your download should get started.

  • And that’s all, really simple.

Now you have learnt how you can install Android apps not available in your country.

Most times is not that this app won’t work in your country or region is just that it’s geographically target it’s audience and therefore has been geo-restricted.

Good luck as you download apps not available in your country, if you have issues finding the App or game when connected to a particular country with a VPN, then change your country to a more popular country like the USA.

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That’s all, goodbye

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