From watching YouTube videos to uploading status on Instagram using mobile data can really be consuming and that’s why we really need to monitor and check our data usage.

What exactly is Data Usage?

Data Usage

We all check for information on Google everyday or browse one of our favorite blogs like TECH-CHA do more stuff’s like streaming DIY tutorial on YouTube then back to Twitter to share our opinion before going to bed for the day.

Everything we did needed an active internet connection in other to function and work effectively. We needed fast internet to stream YouTube to prevent excessive buffering, also smooth network when browsing and posting on twitter before getting rest for another day.

Now every single time we spent online on a page, video site, or social network we made use of Internet whether WiFi or mobile data.

All that we did consumed data in one way or the other meaning we have to be really conscious and this where data usage comes in.

Data usage is the total amount of data used in a month sometime refered to as “Billing Cycle in a Month”. This sums up all the total data used in a particular app including the total data consumed when using mobile hotspot for that particular month.

Reason You Must Care About Your Data Usage.

Data consumption is something we can’t stop especially now new services and features are coming up. But we must maintain or monitor our use, especially for people on budget.

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However if you don’t really care about how your data is exhausted then you must monitor your usage, because many mobile network tend to charge more whenever you pass your monthly allocation.

How To Check Your Overall Data Consumed On Android.

Android logs all data activity to help user’s know exactly what is consuming your data plan.

Let’s know how to get there

  • Open Phone Settings.
  • Under “Wireless & Networks” section select Data Usage.
    Overall data used will be shown at the top of your screen. You can select the available period of time to check data usage.
  • Below you see all your installed apps on your phone and the amount of data it consumed

    Note: Apps data usage depends on your billing cycle settings, so if your circle is on “Yesterday” and your app YouTube says 3GB consumed it means that you consumed a total of 3GB the previous day.

  • You can select a particular app for example using YouTube, selecting YouTube will open and give more insight to know the specific amount of data used by app.
  • Android help in doing user’s good by enabling easy customization, one of the things you could do is to disable background data.
  • Android 9 and later, data usage is in Network & Internet. Or just search for data usage that will be easier (Applicable to all)

Disable Background Data

Background Data Apps are those apps that will use internet connection anytime without any interaction with the app. Interaction I mean is without opening or using the app.
Example of apps are Social Media Apps like

  • Facebook
  • Messenger
  • Instagram
  • Game Apps: Sending push notifications of new available online battles.
  • News or Entertainment Apps: Notification of latest Trending News, New innovation updates, Job offers and lots more.
    This apps don’t need you to be in the app before using your mobile data just like when your playing a game and then you receive message from crush 🙈
  • A chart will be provided for those in love with data representation using structures.
  • It allows you to combine mobile data usage and also WiFi usage that’s seeing overall data usage.

That’s with Android inbuilt data usage but not all about monitoring usage.

The inbuilt Android data usage has some limitations like you can’t check your data usage per day or keep a track of the volume of data consumed day by day and that’s kind of bad because what we actually need is to monitor our data usage comparing weeks with months or days with previous day.

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And that’s why we wish to really monitor our data usage.

How To Monitor Data Consumption On Android.

Now we discussed earlier about the inbuilt Android log usage, but right now let’s move forward and talk about monitoring data usage.

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Note: To monitor our network data usage and lots more we need to install a 3rd party app called Network Speed.

Without wasting much time let’s start

  • Download Network Speed by Evozi from Google Playstore.
  • After installation open the app.
  • To make the app work, you will have to accept the permissions to work well
  • In the permissions manager there are 5 features, we have to grant it permission in other for it to work well, this is due to Android security limitations.
  • Now here’s what they all do when enabled.

    All extra permission explained

  • Draw Overlay: When enabled a floating widget will be shown on top of your screen, this widget shows you your data network speed.Enable Overlay
  • Read Phone State: This reads the current sim card you are using to browse at the moment. Enable it and accept the permissions to allow it function.
    Read Phone State

    Click and enable

  • App Usage Access: Just like the way we check app data usage using Android built in log, this option will do the same, and it’s more powerful, you can check all your apps usage from any day, month or even a year.Data consumed
  • Location Access: This will obtain information about any WiFi connected to.
  • Notification Access: This will hide system running in background notification or will prevent the app from being killed by the system by default it’s disabled.

That’s all with the permissions manager, but this app haven’t even shown it’s wonders yet.

Detailed Data Usage

What I meant by comparing days with previous day

More features include :

  • Speed Test
  • Network Traffic
  • Network Connections
  • Themes
  • App data usage (We talked of)
  • Insight Settings
  • And few more

Well that’s all but note that this app has Ads in it, but really there are not annoying I guess they use just fixed banner Ads and it cost about $2.53 to get rid of the Ads plus more features.


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