Rooting your Android phone

This are some fact which have to be considered before rooting android phone, read carefully very important.

What is Rooting.

Root is a su binary which is installed in your android mobile, than you can access all files of your android mobile, In other words, you will get instant access to root directory of your android mobile.

In other words, you can even access all files which contain your Hardware info as well. If you are/were an iPhone user, then you must heard Jailbreak term. Right? Basically, this rooting is similar to jailbreaking of iPhone.

So, let’s move on to some of the advantages and disadvantages for rooting your android phone now.

So many will want top the advantages and disadvantages so here it come.


  • Internal Memory can also be increased after rooting your android phone, as you can swap your internal, as well as memory card without any problem, , just by edit vold.fstab file in the root directory which can be accessed once you root your android mobile.
  • Can upgrade android version of your mobile using custom ROM like CM11 or CM12 or any other. There are tons of custom ROM available now a days like MIUI, Carbon ROM etc.
  • Even, you can increase battery life, by under clocking CPU of your android mobile, which will let your phone battery for long time.
  • Access all files of your mobile, whether they are present in the root directory of your storage or anywhere else, by giving root permissions, you can Edit or Delete any system file.
  • Increase your mobile performance by over overclocking it, by changing the frequency of CPU of your android mobile, by which you can easily speed up your android mobile without any problem.
  • You can use many apps which has cool features..


  • There may be data loss in the process of rooting your mobile: Yea! You heard that right.
  • Rooting your android phone can create data loss.
  • As in the process of rooting android phone some steps like hard resetting the whole mobile is included sometime, so team of Dreamy Tricks recommends you to take backup at least so that if you lost your data in process of rooting your android mobile, you can get it back anytime.
  • Warranty of your android mobile is killed, when you root it: This is one of main reason that most of guys decides to keep their android phone unrooted as they can not take risk with warranty of their android mobiles.
  • Though, you can unroot your android mobile anytime to get your warranty back. (We will discuss about it later in this post).
  • There is a loss of privacy as well, as third party ROMs and apps can misuse of root permissions.
  • As, process of rooting your android mobile includes adding of third party apps which is a bit risky.
  • You might face random reboots: This is my personal experience guys as last time, When I was installing a custom ROM in my android mobile I was facing random reboots and apps crashes as well.
  • Your phone might hard brick: It sounds awkward but it’s truth. Process of rooting android mobile is very risky and has to be done with very caution.
  • As, on wrong step in rooting your android phone might cause hard brick. That’s the reason that I do not recommend newbies to root their android mobile.

Benefits of using apps when rooting Android

  • It is more safe to root your phone with apps rather than computer because it’s more safe.
Others can be
  • No need of PC, computer or Laptop.
  • Comparatively safer.
  • Almost no chance of any bricking of your device.
  • Low chances of data loss.
  • Now we are done with the advantages & disadvantages so let’s go into business.


These will be our requirements before rooting.

  • A root application called “Iroot”. Link will be given below.
  • Busy box.
  • Root checker.
  • A charged Android phone.
  • Your brain.

The links will be provided down.

IRoot is one of the best android apk to root android phone without any need of computer/PC. iRoot is a popular name among power-android users. Its a Chinese app, but there are many mods available for this app in English version. In many, last years, iRoot made a great position its users as they are continuously providing updates to its users to support more newer models too.

Rooting with Iroot

  • First of all, Download iRoot from above download button.
  • Once, you have successfully download iRoot APK file.
  • Tap on this file to install it in your android phone.
  • So, now you have installed iRoot in your android mobile.
  • Open iRoot application in your android phone.
  • Tap on I Agree.
  • Now, Simply click on Root button in the iRoot app.

It will root your android phone successfully now.

So That will be all for the rooting and you we see all the advantage coming to your way.

Using BusyBox.

Download and open BusyBox.
And simply install the applets which will be popped up by a dialogue box.

BusyBox Android

Developers Option: How To Enable USB Debugging

Read More

Knowing if phone is already rooted

  • Are you confused that whether you have rooted your android phone or not.
  • In this section, I am going to tell you name of an app which will tell you how you can check whether your android device is rooted by using above APK or not.
  • First of download and install Root Checker from Playstore.
  • Open this app and click on Verify Root.
  • If your android phone is rooted successfully then it will show that Congratulations, Root access is successfully installed in your android mobile.

Rooting Android Redmi Note 6 Pro

So thank you all for taking your time reading do have a wonderful time and remember to like and share. Also remember the Downloads down.


Download Iroot.

Download Busybox .

So with this i guess that all about rooting your android phone.

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