Are you currently using any VPN, and tried to connect another device maybe a laptop and discover it’s not working. Well after reading this you probably won’t have any issues sharing your VPN connection.

Little Understanding of What A VPN Does When Connected.

VPN is an acronym of “Virtual Private Network” actually what it does is to make your public network run through some sort of server computer as a result of this the network now becomes private and encrypted.

These server computer are located in different countries so this is why whenever you connect yourself to a VPN, you tend to see yourself in a different location and also sometimes your browser language changes when you perform a Google search.

So this the basic thing you need to know about a VPN, now let’s go to the main business.

So knowing how a VPN works here is actually what’s happening, when you connect your phone internet through a VPN and trying to share your connection with one or two devices, the network you are actually sharing won’t be encrypted with the VPN network, so that’s why i will show you how to do that now


  • Your Android Device
  • PdaNet for Android
  • PdaNet for Desktop ( If you want to share your VPN connection to your laptop or Desktop )
  • VPN ( Going to use Turbo VPN for this tutorial. )
  • USB Cable

Sharing Your VPN Connection

  • First download PdaNet, if you want to share the connection to PC then also download the Desktop application Windows or Mac Os.
  • Install your download application, for PC users just install it and choose Ok or next during installation.
  • First of all connect your VPN, since am using Turbo VPN i just have to press the carrot button and wait for it to connect.
  • Then Open your your PdaNet.

So i have noticed some issues with PdaNet sharing internet through hotspot as this tends not to work with most phones according to the markers, so i will share how to go about this.

But now let’s see how to share the connection to any PC or Desktop.

Installing PdaNet For Desktop / PC.

Where you surprised seeing USB as part of the requirements ?

Well we will be using USB for sharing our internet connection with our Laptop’s or PC.

So let’s get started, Before we get started we will need to enable USB debugging on our phone check here to do that.

  • After you must have enabled USB debugging, then we go to the next step.
  • Install PdaNet package, that we downloaded for PC / Desktop will be using Windows for this tutorial.
  • Plug your phone to the PC using a USB Cable.
  • During installation process accept all and click on next.
  • It’s going to find if USB debugging is already enabled so since it’s already enabled then it will pass it.
  • During all this steps it’s going to ask you to pair your phone with it, you will see pair on your phone screen, allow it.
  • Then after that just wait for it to finish installing.
  • Now when it finish you won’t be able to see the app icon so just do a simple search for PdaNet, and open, it will now get stick to the desktop system tray.

Sharing Connection With Desktop / PC

  • While your VPN is connected open PdaNet on your phone.
PdaNet Home screen

Your App screen should look like this

  • Tick on USB Tether, wait it’s going to verify if you have internet connection.
Verifying Internet Connection With VPN

Verifying Internet Connection

  • After it must have verified internet connection, it will ask you to connect to computer.
Sharing Your VPN Connection

Asking user to Connect To Computer

  • So now plug your phone to your computer and PdaNet should automatically connect. However if it doesn’t connect then look for the PdaNet icon on the system tray click on it and choose connect, wait for it till it shows connected.
  • Fire up anything on your Desktop / PC and start flexing.

Simple isn’t it now you could enjoy your connection with your PC.

Now all should be able to share your VPN connection with both your Desktop and to friends. Note you don’t have to carry all this steps if using normal data without a VPN connection.

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