USB are great no doubt about it, we use it, workers use it and to some point am certain that kid’s make use of USB drives in school, but if you want to make it great use of the USB then get yourself a USB OTG.

What’s A USB OTG

OTG stands for On The Go, meaning that it’s called a USB On The Go. And it’s really a On The Go stuff, because it makes every day life easier.

A USB OTG is a cable like plug. The cable has two sides the normal USB Connector usually a micro USB, and a USB receptacle similar to that of a charger.

Here’s what a USB receptacle look like.

How USB OTG Works

OTG cable like said earlier has two sides, a micro USB Connector and a USB Receptacle.

The micro USB Connector is plugged into phone USB port and the other side of the OTG cable, which is the receptacle is responsible for hosting any USB drive or device.


Depending on your phone, sometimes the USB device plugged in won’t work. So take note.

Some phone’s are capable of Charging another phone, hosting flash drives, mouse & keyboard, printer’s, HDMI support and many.

Additionally, with the constant improvements smartphone companies are putting into latest phone’s then almost any phone will be equal to the task.

Here is 3 Cool way to make use of the USB OTG cable.

Using USB Flash Drive.

Majorly all phone’s will be able to host flash drive using any OTG cable, so here’s how to make it work.

Its quite easy to use all you need to do is;

  • Connect the OTG to phone.
  • Plug any flash drive into the other end of cable.
  • If followed all steps correctly, good cause your flash drive should be reading and made visible to the phone file manager.

Now that’s connecting flash drives with mobile, which is cool and easy. Keep on reading, below I will highlight why it’s really cool, helpful and important reason anyone should use.

Going higher with this OTG fun let’s connect a mouse to our phone.

How to connect USB mouse to phone.

Get any USB mouse, and OTG cable ready.

  • Plug in OTG to phone.
  • Get a mouse and connect with OTG cable.
  • If your mouse is like mine, it gonna show light meaning it’s connected and working.
  • In addition move mouse with hands, if Cursor appears on phone then we good to go.

Really, is using a mouse on phone necessary?

Well looking at it useless and unnecessary makes it more necessary.

Here’s my reasons.

  • It makes tasks easier. With editing apps now available for phone’s it helps drag and drop to be possible.
  • If you browse a lot you notice that some site has issues when clicking the menu button even when using desktop mode. Try using mouse and see the magic.
  • Win games when playing using mouse. The drag, target then play games, using mouse makes targeting sharper and flexible.
  • Last it’s fun trying weird things, so come on go try it.

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Another cool way to use the USB OTG cable is using a USB Modem directly with phone.

Basically a USB Modem is usually small just like the flash drive we all know, the only difference is modem provides internet connection to our laptops when plugged in.

Connecting USB Modem To Phone (Root Required).

We will be using a widget from Google Playstore called PPP Widget. Let’s start

  • Download and Install PPP Widget from Google Play Store.
  • Since it’s a widget, don’t expect seeing it in installed app drawer.
  • To find it go to phone home screen and hold screen and select Widget.
  • Carefully scroll down and look for PPP widget.
  • Once you see it hold and drag widget to phone screen.
  • Connect Modem to OTG.
  • Press connect
  • Wait for PPP widget to Identify modem.
  • Once identified Modem should start working and ready to make use of.

Really easy to startup.

With USB OTG, connecting USB drives or devices is easy and effective.

There’s a lot of stuff to do and connect using OTG, some are

  • Connecting Console pad (PS3) with phone.
  • Keyboard setup.
  • Printer.
  • WiFi Adapters and more.

Something OTG made possible in doing is charging someone else phone, apart from Samsung new innovation wireless charging or Power Share which enable a user to share phone by placing phone back to back and that’s all.

Power Share for now is available to Samsung and Huawei user’s. But that doesn’t stop the rest of us from sharing charge.

Here’s how to charge another phone using OTG.

  • Connect OTG to phone.
  • Get second phone to charge along with the USB.
  • Connect USB cable to OTG and plug in the other part to phone.
  • If everything goes well phone should be charging in no time.

And that’s all. Using OTG is really fun try more stuff and make sure you share any experience below.

More tutorials will be available in recent updates, just like playing favorite game with a controller and more.

OTG cable makes plug and play more effective and that’s why it’s a must to use.

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