Have you ever seen this before when browsing Not available in your countryhaha, if so you need a VPN to bypass that.

So if you are thinking about how VPN works, or how unblocking sites is possible then here’s the right guide you need.

A detailed and easy guide from TECH-CHA I think you will love it.

But remember the question still remains 👇

What is a VPN?

Well if you’re new to VPN or have never heard about VPN then no worries because your journey starts here.

A VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. As the name virtual private network implies, it offers very high security when browsing the web, security I mean includes privacy and protection.

When using a VPN it offers a higher level of security which makes any user highly protected on the web.

But how does this higher security?

Well when connected to a VPN network over any public network such as (Hotel, Coffeeshops, or Airport networks).

The VPN works by routing all traffic through a special server before returning the requests, in the process before returning any requests all data gets encrypted, to prevent (hackers or identity theft and more), online activities are also hidden when using a good VPN.

More insight

What Is A VPN

VPN are applicable in so many ways such as

  • Bypassing Censorship
  • Unblock geographic restrictions
  • Act like an Antivirus when browsing.
  • And secure data from attackers.

Making this interesting will start from

Bypassing Censorship

If you live in a country that has high internet censorship or your planning to visit one soon, a good, reliable and fast VPN will help you access and bypass all censored website without wasting much time.

Unblock Geographic Restrictions.

Remember this “Not Available In Your Country” oops bad news right yeah! But now more because when using a good VPN you can access every single thing you wish to search for in a particular country your not in.

VPN Acts Like An Antivirus.

VPN secure and protect user’s from attacks such as malicious webpages or content while browsing on the web. With a strong VPN like Nord VPN

We already talked about how VPN saves us from attackers in case you missed out here is a deep but brief explanation

Did you know that whenever you connect to a public network or even your local home network your connection at that time is as good as unsecured and public which means anyone with a PC and some sort of skills on the same network can access, view, redirect or even steal important credentials directly from you.

However when on VPN the attack becomes hardly possible because of how your data got encrypted through the VPN network, you need a very strong VPN to be extra protected. TECH-CHA uses a strong VPN daily, so why wouldn’t you?

Some Popular Geographical Blocks.

Some of the popular site geographical blocks we know are:

  • YouTube
  • Netflix
  • Hulu
  • BBC
  • Spotify
  • Play Store
  • And more

All this services first check where a user IP address is coming from and then provide contents from that particular region or country.

Normally if you live in the USA then great luck, because services like Netflix, Hulu don’t really restrict content, meaning user’s can access almost everything available.

However for those not in the USA could use a VPN to access Netflix, Hulu et cetera by selecting a USA server.

How exactly can I access Netflix from another country using a VPN?

Well here is exactly how a VPN works.

VPN consist of different servers from part of the world, examples are USA, Canada, Australia, Russia, South Africa, Germany and lots more. This are country servers a good VPN should have server locations as well meaning, if I connected to a country server let’s say Australia I should be able to connect to a specific city in Australia maybe Sydney or New York if connected to USA.

VPN like Express VPN or Nord VPN provides thousands of servers to connect to.

So if you travelled away from the US and intend to browse your favorite series on Netflix or listen to a song on Spotify but get error messages about location, then all you do is to fire up your VPN and connect to a server in the USA and you should be in, in less than no time.

Extremely High Anonymity

Like said before VPN protects users when using the web ,it also makes us invisible to our ISP’s (Internet Service Provider) and at high levels the government as well giving you rights to privacies.

Accessing Unrestricted Sites.

Institutions like University, High School and workplaces are commonly known to have restricted network, such networks only allow access to some selected sites by the network admin.

Check this: Learn how to monitor your data usage to find what consumes or slow your downloads

Usually there’s always a strong reason why such sites are being blocked and others left public, usually to prevent distraction or prevent unsuitable content to it’s user’s.

So if your tired and frustrated of reading, school articles or works updates and wants to stream some videos on YouTube, log in Facebook or upload on Instagram then using a strong VPN will be the easiest and fastest option you have. Be rest assured that if caught you might face consequences “Go ahead at your own risk”.

Secured and Safe Torrenting

Torrent sites like The Pirate Bay or YTS.AM always advise user’s to use a VPN to hide and mask your real IP address.

Note using Torrents are not illegal but because of high exposure to pirated content Torrenting becomes illegal because downloading of pirated contents are illegal in some parts of the world. Because of this torrents site are ban in some countries.

You happened to be in a country that bans Torrenting no worries as a strong and reliable VPN will give you instant and direct access to any torrents sites

Whether you stay in a country against torrents or not, always ensure to use a VPN to prevent eyes (ISP) from spoofing your activities.

Note: Not all VPN support Torrenting an example of a good VPN that has support will be Nord VPN.

What the hell is a strong and reliable VPN?

If you have been reading along you might have noticed this “strong or reliable VPN”. So what exactly do I mean by strong and reliable.

Starting from strong.

For a VPN to be effective there are few things it must have.

  • Ability to block user’s from attackers and prying eyes.
  • Ability to penetrate through blocked locations or geographical contents
  • Hide all activities from our ISP’S
  • Ability to Encrypt our data when transferring and receiving through any network, to prevent data hijacking.
  • VPN with a great amount of available countries and a huge server list.
  • And more, but this are the basics.

What about reliable?

Reliable can be something you trust right?, or something that has quality and don’t fail easily.

In grading VPN by performance or reliability there are some important factor you really need to consider.

  • No Log Policy: Before going into details let’s take an example.
    Let’s say you stay in a country where Torrenting is illegal and you happened to access a torrent site using Nord VPN for example.

    If your ISP happens to get their way through your browsing and also your VPN records it means your in Big trouble, so because of this some VPN services has implemented a new policy which is the “No Log Policy”

    This policy ensures and promise that all your connection and bandwidth data will not be collected from you neither will it be stored or shared.

    This is great because your VPN provider or ISP won’t be able to go around your logs or history as well as government authorities not handed any information about any activities performed by you whenever they ask for it.

    This is mandatory for anyone who needs a good VPN, remember privacy is completely different from anonymity. Make sure you stay away from VPN collecting sensitive data from you.


I strongly recommend you use services like Nord VPN as they provide strict no policy laws, nice user interface, great number of servers.

Well that’s all for reliability, be careful when choosing any free VPN, ensure you get the free best VPN out there to still stay under the roof.

Why VPN are generally good for any business

Be it Big Or Small

VPN Guide For Business

Remember when they say “mind your business” well VPN will help you control your business and also force your network providers (ISP) to do so

Here are some handpicked contents still about VPN you must know and do.

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