Sometime March or April it was rumored that WhatsApp will temporary ban user’s using any type of custom or enhanced WhatsApp that’s not official.

Well as much as it was just a rumour and wasn’t taken seriously, well there’s a stinging news now.

Little About WhatsApp

WhatsApp has been one of the most popular way people communicate, from sending of text messages to voice and video call, then adding status and lots more.

Trying to improve their service everyday to be more convenient and easy for anyone to use all for free is something we all have benefited from.

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But with some more tweaks to WhatsApp modded WhatsApp has become a must use for people.

Benefit Of WhatsApp Custom Mods.

There are so many benefits to get from WhatsApp Custom Mods such as Yo WhatsApp, GB WhatsApp and more.

Such mods includes:

  • Hide Online presence
  • Hide last seen.
  • Ability to hide received and read blue ticks.
  • Customization with helps of Themes.
  • Notify you when a user comes online
  • Also ability to see deleted messages Voice Notes (VN) and also status

If you have mistakenly posted on your status and quickly deleted it all opportunity that friends with modded WhatsApp saw whatever you added even after you deleted it.

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So don’t be shock if anyone question you about what your sure you deleted.

Now let’s talk about this WhatsApp Ban is it really true or just a folk tale cause the penalty is really scary.

How True Is The Rumored WhatsApp Ban?

Right now it looks like the rumored news has come back to sting all violators.

Earlier today a friend sent a screenshot of his WhatsApp and you won’t believe what WhatsApp did to him. His WhatsApp has been temporarily banned for about 3 hours.

Here’s the screenshot

Whatsapp Ban

It looks like the rumour has started taking effect and WhatsApp are dishing out ban to it’s violators.

For now without much knowledge or knowing the full cause of the barn, It’s advise you backup your WhatsApp user data to Google cloud because sooner or later you might be the next victim.

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Additionally from the previous ban rumor, the ban can only be stopped if you move back to official WhatsApp.

So if developers of our modded WhatsApp don’t think of a way and do something to escape the ban then it’s getting to a point where we say goodbye to modded WhatsApp.

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